Boise Neighborhood Association – November general meeting

Below you will find a summary of the major points discussed at November’s Boise Neighborhood Association (website) meeting. But first, you should know that they seeking new board members, and neighbors who want to get involved (how to volunteer).

The Boise Neighborhood Association tries to work with, rather than against, the changes taking place in the neighborhood. They welcome the voices of renters, even if the renters don’t know how long they plan to be in the neighborhood.

The BNA address all the land-use concerns at a separate meeting. The land use meetings take place on the fourth Monday of the month (meeting agenda) and are also hosted at the Q Center, Portland’s largest LGBTQ community center.

The biggest upcoming neighborhood event is a casual afternoon work party at the new Boise Eliot Native Grove. The grove includes more than 40 native plant species so far. Feel like checking out the garden? Helping dig a sign post hole? Shovel some random stuff? Install a few signs? Play in the mud? You can do all those things this Saturday, Nov 17th, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Grove, located at 300 N Ivy Street.

The Grove was originally a public through way that was converted to a native garden. The space will be public for as long as the Fremont Bridge exists, so it’s worth making it beautiful. There will be water, tea, and snacks available at the work party. Here’s the Facebook event. Also coming soon to the Grove: art installations and habitats for pollinators.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 12.03.54 AM

The biggest news from the meeting is that the City of Portland will be closing down a number of I-405 on-ramps and off-ramps. The closures will mostly just be on weekends into Monday morning, and the project is expected to last for no more than eight weekends in a row for any particular ramp. The Highway 30 ramps will be closed for about two straight weeks, not just on weekends.

Overall, the maintenance project is expected to begin Spring 2019 and complete Fall 2020. But, just to reiterate, no single ramp or freeway section will be closed for longer than 14 straight days, or 8 consecutive weekends. For more information, check out Oregon Department of Transportation’s project site, here.

Lastly, the Boise Neighborhood Association is considering moving to meeting every other month instead of every month. The monthly land-use meetings would continue as usual.


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